1. Priority for use of facilities will be given based on the following:

(a) School functions/school-related groups (defined as a group whose finances are supervised by school administration).

(b) Adult and Community Education Programs

(c) Community/civic groups in a school's attendance area

(d) Community/civic groups outside a school's attendance area 

2. A community/civic group is defined as an organized nonprofit group that can prove membership through charter, by-laws, and a list of officers and /or a board of directors. Organizations must have 501(c)(3) status for nonprofit designation. 

3. The building use request form must be filled out completely, including all dates, days of the week, and times and submitted to the building principal for approval. Incomplete forms will be denied. 

4. Community/civic groups must submit a request ten (10) working days before the scheduled activity. 

5. Community/civic groups must hold a certificate of liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 to cover the possibility of damage to school property and/or personal injury. The certificate of insurance must be written in the name of the Jefferson County Board of Education and must be uploaded to the event application. The Jefferson County Board of Education, its representatives, agents, or any successor entity, is not responsible for any liability claims which may arise due to participation in activities held in Jefferson County Schools' facilities by outside groups. A certificate of liability must be uploaded to rental requests. Requests without a certificate will not be granted.

6. Community/Civic groups that are requesting an exemption from facility usage fees must fill out the requirement attached to their application.

7. School equipment, such as athletic equipment, audiovisual equipment, etc., is not available for use during approved activities. No school telephone is available for use on-site. 

8. Use of facilities during non-custodial hours will require a fee for opening and closing the facility by a custodian. The principal may also designate that a custodian is present during a group activity. 

9. The principal may require a cook will be employed when the use of kitchen equipment is requested for food preparation. 

10. The principal may require that technical support staff be employed to operate specialized equipment, such as auditorium lighting 

11. All personnel required to be employed for the use of a facility will be paid by the Jefferson County Board of Education. Service personnel required to be employed for facility use will receive their appropriate hourly rate determined by wage and hour guidelines. Professional staff will be paid the county rate for supplemental pay. 

12. The following fees will be billed to community/civic groups for use of facilities.

$30.00/hour - For each hour custodial staff is required by the principal

$30.00/hour - For each hour cafeteria staff is required by the principal

$30.00/hour - For each hour technical support staff is required by the principal. (add field light - $12.00 per hour use)

$30.00/hour - For each hour supervision is required by the principal

Additional fees may apply (see personnel chart SOP 5.2a and facility usage fee chart SOP 5.2a) 

13. All checks are to be made payable to the Jefferson County Board of Education. Fees are to be paid prior to facility use and will be based on the hours of approved use designated on the building use request form. No money is to be paid at the activity. If an organization extends its use beyond the approved time, it will be billed accordingly. Organizations delinquent in paying building use fees will be prohibited from using facilities until all fees are collected. 

14. School-related groups will be subject to appropriate fees as necessary. 

15. State law prohibits the utilization of school facilities for commercial or private use. 

16. School facilities may not be used before 2:00 p.m. on Sundays. 

17. All scheduled activities are canceled when schools are closed for inclement weather or for a school holiday.